​​​You Want to Be Fit​, But You're Struggling With What to Do


Marianne Kane is an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer, and MentorCoach™ who specializes in getting people unstuck and into action toward the health and fitness vision they hold for their lives. Whether that be strength, toning, or weight loss training, Marianne obsesses over getting you results to become your best FIT SELF.  

Her workouts are designed to be efficient (easy to follow), effective (no fluff), and fun (speaks for itself). She will give you exercises and workout designs that are tried and true, that lessen the burden to keep doing more and more.​ With Kettlebell training you get strength and cardio rolled into one. Challenging, effective, and efficient.

​Marianne works out of​: her private studio inside "Fit For Life Jenkintown" (see address below), or she offers mobile/in-home personal training in within Montgomery and Bucks Counties​. She has served clients in Yardly, Bensalem, Bryn Mawr, Blue Bell, Fort Washington, Flour Town, and Wyncote. And she is willing to travel up to 60 minutes to your location. Get in touch today to find out more about how Marianne can help you.

Personal Training Studio Location:

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Training Options

Weight Loss & Toning

Marianne helps clients be their fit selves by developing customized programs to tone the body, help shed fat, and trim inches. Cardiovascular exercise, is one way to improve body appearance, but increasing body strength does as much to changing the body's appearance and aid in losing weight as diet and cardiovascular activity.

Marianne will create a personalized routine of body sculpting and cardiovascular workouts that may include:

  • Resistance bands
  • Kettlebell training
  • Body weight
  • Sandbag

Pre/Post Natal Exercise

Studies show that exercise is beneficial in many ways for prenatal women. Marianne is eager to help soon to-be moms create prenatal exercise programs that will get your heart pumping, help you manage weight gain, emphasize stability and posture, while keeping you and baby safe and healthy.

As a new mom herself, Marianne knows first-hand it can be extremely difficult to training during these times because of fatigue (both from pregnancy and from sleep deprivation post baby), but regular exercise will help improve how you feel. An often overlooked aspect of training is how to optimize recovery. That's why training smarter, not harder is Marianne's approach. 

These workouts can help you:

  • Recover from birth more quickly
  • Experience shorter labor time
  • Lower risk of premature birth
  • Reduce anxiety and stress
  • Reduce risk of gestational diabetes
  • Feel more energetic during pregnancy

Postpartum training must take care to lay proper foundations for pelvic floor and core health. Even though you may have been training regularly before, and during your pregnancy, the rapid physical, hormonal, and social changes to your life will impact how you train and recover post-baby. It's best to work with someone who gets that, and knows the proper approaches to safely re-establish your movement quality.

Kettlebell Training

The benefits of Kettlebell training can't be overlooked. They provide a unique stimulus to the muscles to give you more bang for your training buck, especially when combines with body weight exercises. Basically you get the cardio and strength training effects all rolled into one. Check out one of Marianne's many home workouts using just a couple of Kettlebells, a step, and her body weight :

Strength Training

Strength training uses resistance to introduce muscular contraction and help build anaerobic endurance, increase the size of your skeletal muscles, and build strength. Combining different exercises, number of sets, repetitions, and changing up tempos builds muscle strength and allows you to achieve the desired results. Strength training is effective in weight loss programs and in the treatment of chronic conditions such as back pain and arthritis.

Strength training is shown to help:

  • Improve metabolism
  • Improve heart health
  • Improve bone density

Every exercise program varies because every client is different, but we’re confident that with our expertise, equipment, and personalized programs, we can help all of our clients receive the most satisfying results in the most efficient way possible.

Group Training (on special request)

Have you ever thought about how fun it would be to work out with a group of friends, your spouse, or members of your family? Group training sessions are very popular, because Marianne offers the convenience of hosting a customized session in any setting you choose.

Marianne will provide you with an enjoyable, customized workout routine that will benefit your entire group while you have fun and make memories together. 

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